Holiday Ecology: Gift Wrap with Ecuador’s “Trash” (I swear!)

Kathryn M. McCullough

Whether you live in Ecuador or not, don’t spend big bucks on gift wrapping this holiday season.  I promise you don’t have to.

In fact, you can have more fun and make a  more lasting impression on friends and family by packaging from trash you have cluttering your house—stuff that can be up-cycled into simply smashing wrapping.

Did you know that over the Christmas holiday Americans generate 25% more trash than they do on an average week?  It’s sad but true.

However, if you wrap with trash to begin with, you not only save money by not buying paper and ribbon, you can help make the planet itself a happier place, as well.

Last year I did a similar post that focused on using recycled trash available in US.  This year I’ll use scraps I’ve found in Ecuador, also.

(Note: In Cuenca we don’t have mail delivered to our home, so here I replace…

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